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Cyprus should lose to Gibraltar

In fact Cyprus should lose all their remaining games in the World Cup qualifiers. We should not beat anyone. We HAVE to be among the worst 16 teams in Europe this November.

You always want your country to win but in this case, losing gives us the best chance to qualify to a big tournament for the very first time.  Cyprus does not have much chance to qualify for the World Cup anymore but by losing all our remaining games, we have the best chance to make it into EURO 2020. There are 2 ways to get into the EURO 2020. 1) To qualify normally through the qualifiers OR 2) qualify through the Nations League where 4 teams will get a place.

In the Nations League all the European teams are divided into 4 Divisions with the best teams playing in Division A and the worst teams play in Division D. All the teams in these divisions are decided by their UEFA Country rankings in November. Group A will have the best 12 teams, Group B the next 12 teams, Group C the next 15 teams and Group D the remaining 16 teams.

The beauty in this system is that 1 team from each Division will get into EURO 2020. So, ONE of the worst 16 teams in Europe will play in the EURO 2020. The 16 teams in Division D will be divided into 4 groups. The group stages will be played during 2018. Then the normal qualifiers will be played in 2019 and in Spring 2020, the Nations League playoffs will be played to determine the last 4 teams. The play offs will have all the Divisional group winners playing against each other to determine the one team that goes into the European Championships.

In the Current rankings, Cyprus is right at the border of being in Division C or Division D. Teams above them are Azerbaijan, Faroe Islands, Belarus and Norway. The teams below them are Estonia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and Finland. If Cyprus would have a great end to their WC qualifiers campaign where they would get a good amount of Ranking points, they could end up in Division C where they would have to qualify against teams like Romania, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Serbia or Israel. If Cyprus would have a bad end to their WC qualifiers campaign, they would try to qualify against teams like Finland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Moldova, Lithuania or Kazakhstan.

As a hypothetical, Cyprus could have their opening group as Cyprus, Moldova, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. If they win that group, they could play in the playoffs against teams like Finland, Latvia and Georgia. Of course it is not easy to beat those teams, but it is a lot easier than playing against Greece, Romania and Czech Republic. All in all, this is the greatest chance Cyprus will have to qualify to a major tournament.

Check full details on how the Nations League will work. – Click here.

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